Rockport Systems is a premier consultancy that provides expertise in the areas of risk and compliance, information security,  secure software development, intellectual property and M&A due diligence.   Our team has over 20 years experience architecting and designing solutions for organizations that scale from small businesses to enterprise and government or military engagements.

 Risk & Compliance Secure SoftwareDevelopment Intellectual Property M&A Due Diligience

Latest audit got you down? Need expertise to make sense of the results and prioritize an action plan? Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization through the maze of PCI-DSS, FDCC, SoX and other audit requirements.

Does your organization develop software for internal or external consumption? Have you implemented an SDLC to protect yourself and your customers from potential threats? Rockport Systems has solutions that have been proven in some of the largest software development organizations in the world. Contact us to find out how we can transform your software development organization   

 We specialize in working with patent attorneys and in-house counsel to provide a full range of consulting services including intellectual property analysis, litigation support and expert testimony.      

 Our proven experience and detailed analysis methodology will provide your organization with the correct insight to make informed decisions on any size technology acquisition project.